EU 2019-2024 legislature: calling on newly elected MEPs to promote democracy, human rights and the equitable use of natural resources in the DR Congo and in Rwanda


Within the post-electoral context of the European Union, the European Network for Central Africa (EurAc) publishes two memorandums on democracy, human rights and natural resources in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, aiming to provide newly elected MEPs with an overview of the main dynamics shaping the Great Lakes region and both countries, and to give new impetus on European policies towards the region.

EurAc thereby wishes to equip newly elected MEPs with specific and actionable recommendations, reminding EU institutions of their commitment to promote and strengthen human rights, peace, development and inclusive political participation in the Great Lakes region of Africa, and particularly in the DR Congo and in Rwanda.

Both countries play a crucial role in the stability of a region that is fast-changing and moving on from a recent violent past.  While having their own specificities, the DR Congo and Rwanda share common issues related to the exploitation of ethnic tensions, to the centralisation of power, to the shrinking of civil and political space, to state repression and to the incessant violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms by political leaders. This also benefits from and contributes to the unfair exploitation of the region’s natural resources, as powerful state and non-state actors scramble over land and the mineral wealth of the region.

The European Union remains one of the most influential actors in the Great Lakes region and any shift in its policies towards the DR Congo and Rwanda would have an impact at the local level. Therefore, EurAc urges MEPs to adopt an appropriate strategy in order to improve the overall situation of both countries.

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About EurAc

Created in 2003, the European Network for Central Africa (EurAc) gathers member organisations from civil society in several European countries. These organisations work on and in the Great Lakes region. They support civil society organisations in Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda in their efforts to promote peace, the defence of human rights and development.

EurAc’s mission is to carry out advocacy work towards the European Union to ensure a strong, coherent and sustainable engagement by the EU and its member states, integrated to a regional approach, in order to help the Great Lakes region build a better future.


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