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Call for tenders - Consultancy: EU advocacy strategy & targets

14/09/2021 - Call for tender

European Union; All thematics

EurAc is currently in the process of finalising the design of its new global strategy for the period 2021 - 2024 and is looking for a consultant to strengthen the advocacy component of this strategy. What? The consultant will provide to EurAc a proposition on how to connect all levels in order to... Read more

Online event – European Regulation on Responsible Mineral Sourcing: what are the lessons learned so far for the upcoming review and new legislative proposal?

26/08/2021 - Event

DRC, European Union, United Nations; Natural Resources

On 28th September 2021, EurAc and its partners will host an online conference bringing together local and European civil society representatives, European Union (EU)’s officials and companies. This event will provide recommendations to EU decision-makers with regards to the implementation of the... Read more

Press Release - New report shows diverging implementation of the European Conflict Minerals Regulation across EU Member States

09/06/2021 - Press release

Central Africa, European Union, Great Lakes; Natural Resources

Today, a Coalition of European NGOs working on responsible mineral sourcing have published a review paper discussing the state of implementation of the European Conflict Minerals Regulation across European Union (EU) Member States. The report highlights the shortcomings of the Regulation and the... Read more


The European Network for Central Africa (EurAc), created in 2003, aims to help the Great Lakes region build a better future. EurAc carries out advocacy work for a strong, coherent and sustainable engagement by the European Union and its Member States integrated to a regional approach. EurAc gathers 34 European civil society organisations that work on and in the region and that support local civil society in Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Rwanda in promoting peace and development, and in defending human rights.


Annual Report 2020

Latest positions and publications

20/08/2021 - Report - (EN/FR)
DRC, European Union, United Nations; Natural Resources

Conflict sensitivity analysis in South Kivu and Ituri that was conducted to ensure that the implementation of the Madini project fits the local context and positively impacts the local population The present study highlights that poor governance, along with chronic poverty, are structural causes of violence in mining regions, whereas the presence of so-called ‘conflict minerals’ is only a symptom.

18/08/2021 - Open Letter - (EN/FR)
Burundi, United Nations; Inclusive political participation & Human Rights

Ahead of the 48th session of the UN Human Rights Council (HRC48), 43 NGOs urge delegations to support efforts to ensure that the Council continues its scrutiny of the situation and its work towards justice and accountability in Burundi. In the absence of structural improvements and in light of a recent increase in human rights violations against perceived opponents of the Government, we consider that there is no basis or measurable progress that would justify abandoning the current approach or not renewing the mandate of the Commission of Inquiry. 

27/07/2021 - Report - (EN)
DRC; Natural Resources

This report compares the supply chains and traceability of 3T and cobalt ores in order to identify similarities, differences, and lessons learned from the decade of 3T experience in responsible sourcing, for the emerging cobalt initiatives.