Areas of work

The choice of thematic issues is based on the main challenges and risks identified for the region as well as the in-house expertise of EurAc and the areas of work of members organisations. These overarching themes entail a series of interconnected issues that have significant consequences on the situation in the region. Purposefully broad, these themes allow EurAc to adapt its work depending on the evolution of the context. 

Advocacy priorities

  • Peace & Security
  • Inclusive political participation (democracy) & Human rights
  • Sustainable and equitable management of natural resources

Cross-cutting themes

  • The reinforcement of the role and participation of local non-state actors, including civil society organisations
  • The reinforcement of the role of women
  • The promotion and protection of human rights
  • The fight against impunity

Our mission of advocacy is based on the Political Charter that was adopted by the General Assembly in December 2015.