Past events

Date Title

12 July 2024

Webinar: “Towards Sustainable Peace in the DRC: Local and Regional Strategies in Response to the Security Crisis”

22 March 2024

Armed conflicts in the DR Congo: impact on the population, prevention options (FR)

28 September 2021

Online event – European Regulation on Responsible Mineral Sourcing: what are the lessons learned so far for the upcoming review and new legislative proposal?

12 May 2021

Online conference - Launch of the PEUPLE project

30 April 2021

Webinar - Promoting Clean Production, Trade and Export of Minerals from the DRC as a Driver for Local Peace and Stability

28 October 2020

Virtual Event - Monitoring and evaluation of the reform of the security sector in the DR Congo: what is the role of the EU?

23 September 2020

Virtual event - DRC - Revised Mining Code, new national governance, and COVID-19: impacts on the human rights of local communities

04 December 2019

Public conference - Promoting gender equality in the DRC and Rwanda: European rhetoric in view of the facts

30 April 2019

Public Conference - The EU regulation on responsible mineral sourcing and its accompanying measures: views from civil society from producing countries

06 December 2018

Public Conference - Peace & Human Rights in the Great Lakes region: what role for the international community, the European Union and France?

25 September 2018

PUBLIC CONFERENCE - The criminalisation of the citizen movement Lucha in the DR Congo - 25 September - European Parliament

18 September 2018

CONFERENCE - Crisis in the DRC: A country-wide perspective - Side event at the 39th session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva

04 June 2018

PUBLIC EVENT - Burundi: Is the persisting human rights, security & humanitarian crisis fading from the European agenda? - 4 June 2018 - European Parliament

23 March 2018

PUBLIC CONFERENCE - 23 MARCH 2018 - Civil Society on the frontline. What role for the European Union in DR Congo’s spiralling crisis ?

07 December 2017

[PUBLIC CONFERENCE & LAUNCH OF REPORT] - Land, development & conflict in the Great Lakes region: towards a renewed EU engagement for equitable land management

20 June 2017

[CONFERENCE] Preventing a deteriorating human rights crisis in the DR Congo: Monitoring of and accountability for violations and repression - 20 June 2017 - A side-event to the 35th session of the UN Human Rights Council

16 June 2017

[CONFERENCE] Burundi: is the persisting human rights crisis fading from the international agenda? - 16 June 2017 - Side-event to the 35th session of the Human Rights Council

22 March 2017

PUBLIC CONFERENCE & PHOTO-EXHIBITION - EU Regulation on responsible mineral sourcing: Towards an improved governance of the artisanal mining sector in the DRC?

28 September 2016

Public Conference - “Human Rights Situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: Insights from civil society”

02 June 2016

SAVE THE DATE: EurAc-OSEPI Conference "Elections in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: European Union support for a credible democratic process"

02 June 2016

EurAc–OSEPI Conference on DR Congo elections & the role of the EU - 2 June 2016 at the European Parliament

14 March 2016

Debate-"EU Conflict Minerals Regulation: A step towards enhanced morality in global supply chains?"