Ökumenisches Netz Zentralafrika (ÖNZ)

Schöneberger Ufer 61
10785 Berlin
+49 30 48625 700

Ökumenisches Netz Zentralafrika (ÖNZ)

The Ecumenical Network for Central Africa (ÖNZ) is an alliance of churches and civil society organizations working in and on the Great Lakes region (DRC, Rwanda and Burundi). Members of this network work together with the Church and civil society for the promotion of peace, human rights and development. The headquarters of ÖNZ are located in Berlin and the organization works to fight against the continued marginalization of countries of the Great Lakes region in Africa. They work in coordination with the following organizations: AGEH, Bread for the World, Church World Service, Misereor, Pax Christi and United Evangelical Mission.

The purpose of ÖNZ office in Berlin is to develop political advocacy for the people in the Great Lakes region of Africa. This is done at the national level, as well as at the EU level with the European Parliament and other European countries, in collaboration with European partners within the European Network for Central Africa (EurAc).

ÖNZ works for the defense of human rights and peace building, making sure they are integrated to more inclusive policies, partnership and development cooperation programs, in order to create the conditions for a more peaceful and fairer life for populations living in the Great Lakes region.

Country(-ies) of operation/intervention in Central Africa: 
Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Rwanda
Thematic areas of focus : 
Natural Resources, Peace & Security, Sexual and Gender-based violence, Democracy, Fight against impunity & reconciliation, Human rights