Forum Réfugiés/Cosi

28 rue de la Baïsse
71054 - 69612 Villeurbanne
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Forum Réfugiés/Cosi

Forum Réfugiés-Cosi is a French non-profit association working for the reception of refugees, defending the right to asylum and promoting the rule of law. It was founded in 1982 with a specific mandate: the reception and protection of refugees. The Cosi (Centre d’information et de solidarité avec l’Afrique) was established in 1990 with a mandate to promote the defense of human rights and democracy, particularly in Central Africa and the Great Lakes region.

The joint association Forum Réfugiés-Cosi articulates refugee reception and support for democratization process in some country of origin, from one end to the other of the exile roads.

Forum Réfugiés-Cosi promotes exchange and dialogue to help change public policies and practices on asylum and protection of human rights. They participate in many networks such as ReFaC, EurAc, ECRE, Ritimo, Steering Committee on the detention, etc.

Forum Réfugiés-Cosi aims:

  • To welcome asylum seekers and refugees from all backgrounds and defend the right to asylum, in particular in the framework of the United Nations Geneva Convention of 1951;
  • To promote and defend worldwide human rights, the rule of law, democracy, good governance and local development, especially through partnerships with civil society organizations, as well as to undertake all humanitarian actions related with this object;
  • In these areas, to be a privileged partner of public authorities at local, district, regional, national, European and international levels (including UNHCR and other UN agencies), as for the negotiation of the best possible conditions for reception and integration of refugees and for the promotion and defense of human rights and the rule of law;
  • To implement all activities, including documentation, information, communication, advocacy, training, expertise and research, and foster links and mutual understanding between peoples and cultures.

Forum Réfugiés-Cosi has participated twice in electoral observation missions in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Through its presence on the ground in these significant moments in the history of the DRC, it has contributed to strengthening local civil society as democracy building actor.

Country(-ies) of operation/intervention in Central Africa: 
Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)
Thematic areas of focus : 
Migration, Peace & Security, Sexual and Gender-based violence, Democracy, Awareness raising & Outreach, Fight against impunity & reconciliation, Human rights, Education