Call for tenders - Consultant with expertise in EU funding


The European Network for Central Africa is looking for an experienced consultant with expertise in EU funding to

1) identify concrete opportunities among the portfolio of EU calls;

2) support the collaborative and participative construction and design of a relevant project proposal within the network;

3) support EurAc in the drafting and submission of a proposal. Indeed, Eurac wishes to widen its financial resources to support and develop its European advocacy work regarding the Great Lakes region. The network has therefore decided to open up for the first time to EU funding opportunities and needs external support to achieve this objective. The consultant will bring his/her expertise in the functioning of European funding mechanisms.

➢ EurAc would like to target in priority a call of the "FFPA" type (Framework Financial Partnership Agreement), but remains open to any other opportunities that might be suggested by the consultant. The methodology and process to achieve the expected results will be based on an initial proposal from the consultant. It will then be discussed and agreed upon with the Secretariat for joint and concerted implementation. This consultancy will include consultation and coordination with the network members.

This consultancy includes three main components:

- PART 1 - Firstly we seek to identify concrete mechanisms, instruments and/or calls for proposals issued by the different funding entities of the European Union, which match the specific work of a European advocacy network on external EU policies;

- PART 2 - Secondly, the consultant will support EurAc to gather, shape and build, together with its members, a project proposal matching the funding opportunities identified previously;

- PART 3 - Thirdly, the consultant will be closely supporting the Secretariat during the process of writing the proposal and its submission to the donors.


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