Call for tenders - Consultancy: EU advocacy strategy & targets


EurAc is currently in the process of finalising the design of its new global strategy for the period 2021 - 2024 and is looking for a consultant to strengthen the advocacy component of this strategy.


The consultant will provide to EurAc a proposition on how to connect all levels in order to create a more comprehensive and cohesive influencing strategy. This will be fueled by:

  • A stakeholder mapping and power analysis
  • A mapping of the EU thematic priorities for the Great Lakes region


To help analyse EurAc’s advocacy targets, including the different institutions within the EU and its Member States; analyse their interactions and suggest efficient ways to influence them by including EurAc’s diverse membership.


3 weeks in October and November 2021


No specific location as this is primarily a desk-based piece of work.

Deadline for applications

Applications must be sent by the 30th September 18:00 (Brussels time) at the latest by email at:


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