Advisory Commitee

The role of international experts of the Advisory Committee is to share their expertise with EurAc and its members and help identify new trends and opportunities, new areas of engagement and new strategic directions.

These international experts have an in-depth knowledge of the Great Lakes region, particularly its regional context and the different challenges the region embraces.

Some have developed, thanks to intensive research work and thorough analysis on and in the region, local contacts which are essential sources of information. Others have a deep understanding of the policies and positions of the international community, including the European Union, on the Great Lakes region.

The function of the Advisory Committee is therefore to provide independent and external advice, but also to channel the expertise and high-level analysis for the benefit of the political reflection of EurAc, in order to improve how the network works internally, identify its advocacy priorities to ensure greater impact and visibility of the network's work.



Steve Hege

Organisation: United Stated Institute of Peace

Position: Senior Program Officer, Rule of Law, Justice and Security

Pascal Kambale

Organisation: Open Society Foundations

Position: Senior Advisor in the Africa Regional Office (AFRO) of Open Society Foundations (OSF) and previously DRC Country Director for Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA)

Marta Martinelli

Organisation: Open Society European Policy Institute

Position: Head of Team, EU External Policy

Koen Vlassenroot

Organisation: Conflict Research Group - Egmont Institute - KU Leuven

Position: Director of Conflict Research Group and Professor at University of Ghent