UN Security Council should authorize robust UN Police Deployment to Protect the Burundian Population


As Burundian, African and International NGOs deeply concerned by the human rights situation in Burundi, we strongly urge the UN Security Council to authorize the deployment of a robust police protection and monitoring presence as soon as possible. 

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Round-Table on Burundian medias - Declaration of Brussels and Recommendations to the international community - 24 March 2016


En avril et mai 2015, quelques jours seulement auront suffi à éradiquer presque complètement le pluralisme d’un paysage médiatique burundais reconnu pour son professionnalisme et cité en exemple en Afrique : cinq radios et une télévision ind&e 

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EU support to security sector reform in the DRC - Towards an improved governance of Congolese security forces?


The processes of peace, stabilization and development in the Great Lakes region in Africa are confronted with numerous obstacles. The political and security tensions in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) represent a threat to stability, security and development for the region as a whole. A numbe 

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